Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Advanced Cell Training (ACT)?

ACT is a cellular behavior modification program. It’s a simple and non-invasive healing process that can be done at home by phone or Internet. There are no pills, herbs, supplements, or machines involved.

We have all trained ourselves to do things such as ride a bicycle, dance, play a sport or musical instrument. This is accomplished through focus, intent, and practice. It’s called muscle memory, although it’s really cells that retain the information. ACT uses the same premise and applies it to the autonomic systems of the body, such as the immune, digestive, elimination, and respiratory systems. We believe it’s actually easier to train the body to do what it is designed to do, rather than what it was never designed to do. For example, playing the piano or golfing is not in our DNA, but our immune system is.

Our goal is to help those who are sick to train their bodies in a structured, mechanical pattern to function like those people who do not get sick. Restoring proper bodily function at the cellular level can restore homeostasis. At homeostasis, the body processes stress, removes toxins, kills viruses and bacteria, parasites, stops overreacting to allergens, and nourishes and protects itself. Restored health is a likely result.

What happens during an ACT teleconference session?

We teach our Advanced Cell Training (ACT) participants to employ focus, intent, and a form of physical meditative practice to achieve balanced bodily performance at the cellular level. It is similar to what you might experience at a course designed to teach one how to type. To learn how to type, one must focus on the keyboard and learn the specific location of the keys.  With one’s thought, intent, and practice, the hands are trained to type with accuracy and ease.

In the same way, we get you to focus on (through the experience of your own symptoms) what your body needs to do differently. Then with thought, intent, and practice, we help you influence your body to perform in a more balanced and accurate way. We will get you to do everything the Olympic athletes do to train their bodies, without pushups. Our ACT program is about training the body in a mechanical way in the privacy of your own home.

How is does ACT differ from other therapies?

ACT is a physical training technique used to enhance physical self-empowerment at the cellular behavioral level without outside intervention. Most therapies, whether it be traditional medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, or frequency-based therapies like Dr. Hulda Clark’s “Zapper” or Rife technology are considered “outside-in” modalities. Meaning, that the therapist seeks to compensate for what the body is not doing (killing malevolent organisms) by using antibiotics, herbs, homeopathic remedies, or frequencies generated by machines.

We seek to initiate positive change from the “inside” by training the body to perform properly and teaching it to kill any foreign malevolent organism and fend for itself – just like the people who get exposed to flu, ragweed, allergens, foods, bit by ticks infected with Lyme Disease, mosquitoes etc., but don’t contract a disease.

Please watch this video and learn about the origins of Advanced Cell Training.

Is this “mind over matter?”

Frankly, this is a commonly asked question, but we’re not sure what it means! In whatever sense, “mind over matter” is employed in a course designed to teach one to type, dance, or play soccer; it is employed in our immune system training methods. We would ask, “Is training the hands to type ‘mind over matter’?”

Could you be more specific as to what you do?

Yes, although specifics are given at your first session, we will provide a simplistic overview here. First, we listen to you. You must become your own ‘clinical diagnostician’ in that you must chart and record your own symptoms; when and where they occur, what makes them worse and better, etc. Secondly, as we listen to you during an Advanced Cell Training teleconference session, we help you focus on the behavioral errors your body is making (ie: If you sneeze from pollen, or if a doctor has detected Lyme in your body, then we know your body is not performing properly). Then, we teach you how to train your body (focus, intent, and physical meditation) for enhanced immune performance. We simply get you to focus your attention on the areas where cellular errors are occurring and employ physical techniques to transfer knowledge from your mind to your body. In typing, you would focus your attention on the keyboard and practice with your hands to transfer knowledge from “mind to hands.” After awhile, the body is able to incorporate new behavior with minimal mental involvement (ie: typing would be mastered, pollen would be tolerated, and malevolent organisms like Lyme Disease pathogens would be overcome).

This video is from the first session of a new ACT class.

How do you determine what needs to be addressed for training purposes?

Many times it is obvious. If someone chokes when eating a peanut or sneezes from dust, then there isn’t much detective work required. You need to focus on how to correctly behave with a peanut! We listen carefully during the health review for clues. For example, if a woman’s migraines started after puberty or childbirth, then we consider hormonal ‘misbehaviors.’ If someone has been properly diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, Mononucleosis, H-Pylori, Epstein Barr Virus, then we already know it is about how the body is not addressing pathogens properly. Again, though we have our expertise in this area, much is readily obvious by listening to you about how your body behaves.

Can this program be done remotely? 

Yes, classes are done from the comfort of your own home or workplace. All you need is access to a phone and email since our weekly classes are conducted via teleconference. We have clients from all over the world who have never visited our office.

How do I know if these sessions are right for me?

We encourage you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation (Skype consultation if you live outside of the US or Canada), or in-person if you live near our Rhode Island office. Our program director will explain the ACT process in more detail and answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation to join our program at anytime during the research process.

During the consultation, you will be invited to attend a live teleconference class as a guest, so you can observe how the program is conducted. You will hear how we teach you to focus on your symptoms, what participants do for homework, and how they report their symptom changes.

We recognize that our classes are not for everyone, which is why we offer an opt out policy for any reason within the first month, and get all of your money refunded for those first 4 or 5 classes you paid for. Here’s a video illustrating how our clients report their progress, followed by an ACT class in its entirety.

How often does class meet? How long is a class? How many weeks do classes continue?

Teleconference classes last about an hour. They are held once weekly at the same time each week. Each course varies in length depending upon the needs of the participants. General classes meet every other week on the phone, but participants read their trainings every week. You can stay in the program for as long as you like. The amount of time needed in the program varies based on severity and duration of illness, toxins/heavy metals in the body, and any unhealed emotional traumas that need to be addressed. Most ACT clients require weeks to months in the program, not years.

How much does it cost?

The costs is $55 for each session, plus a one time fee of $40 for materials and one time $55 registration fee. Ask about our early registration discount. If you choose to opt out in the first month of classes, you will receive a full refund.

Do you give advice about drugs, antibiotics, diet, herbs, vitamins or supplements?

No, and please don’t ask us these sorts of questions in class. We will ask you to consult with your licensed healthcare professionals for these types of questions. We are not trained nor licensed in any form of medicine, herbology, naturopathy, or any discipline associated with the products mentioned above. We will advise you to consult with the appropriate professionals for guidance in these areas. Our sole focus is to help you train your body for better natural cellular performance through focus, intent, and practice.

I’ve heard that prayer is a part of this program? Who prays? How often?

Prayer is integral to the Advanced Cell Training process. At ACT, we pray for every person in each class, that God would restore and correct cellular function for each participant. Duke University Medical Center conducted double blind studies on prayer with results that have well surpassed placebo effects. A California university replicated the Duke study with similar results. If there is a catalyst in this process, it is prayer. We pray a silent prayer for each participant once a week before and after each class. If you are one who believes in prayer, that’s fine. If you don’t, that’s fine too.

Does it matter what faith I belong to or if I have no faith?

Not at all. Our class participants include people of no faith, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish, Bahai, Jehovah’s Witness, Quaker, and Agnostics.

Could I speak to some of the ACT participants directly?

Many Advanced Cell Training participants have graciously allowed people to correspond with them through Facebook. The best way to get into contact with them is on the Advanced Cell training Facebook page.