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Nurse with Lyme Disease 14 Years – Totally Symptom Free!

Deborah Samaras, RN My results with Advanced Cell Training were nothing short of amazing! After the first week, I noticed a dramatic change. And after 16 sessions, I was totally, 100% Lyme-free! After 14 years of illness, I was healed!

Lyme Disease Completely Healed

William Escher Now completely healed from a plethora of baffling and troublesome symptoms, Williams mom Karen says, “it is amazing how well these treatments work! I am very happy. He had insomnia, frequent urination, headaches, belly aches and would vomit hours after eating. Most of his symptoms resolved after only 8 treatments! We were quite … Continued

8 years of Lyme Disease & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Jeannette Crowley King I have finally gotten my life back. I no longer suffer from symptoms of Lyme Disease or CFS. My memory and concentration work well again. I now exercise regularly and my muscles feel great! Thank you Gary Blier and Advanced Cell Training!

Chronic Lyme Disease

David Charboneau I walked into Advanced Cell Training with a cane. 12 weeks later my severe leg pain and weakness is 90% better. My sleep is much better, inflamed abdomen is 100% gone, brain fog 75% better and severe arthritic wrist pain is 100% gone! Thanks to Advanced Cell Training and Gary Blier. 

Lyme Disease & Fibromyalgia

Jean Martin I was looking for a naturopath when someone recommended Advanced Cell Training to me. After just a few treatments my energy is back, my joint pain is gone, my memory is getting better, I am thinking more clearly and my confidence has returned! The Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia has come out of my … Continued

Lyme Disease Symptoms 100% Gone!

Mary Williams I first visited Advanced Cell Training in December of 2003 and found that I responded very quickly to the treatments. Within 3 months I was pain free! Years of arthritic symptoms from Lyme Disease are gone. My joint pains and stiffness are gone. My high blood pressure has returned to normal. Urinary incontinence … Continued

Dust, cut grass, molds, seasonal pollens used to bother him

Jim Bridges –  “Usually, after coming in from cutting grass, I couldn’t breathe through my nose. Not only was there sinus pressure, but my nose would be blocked up like I had a cold. I had that ‘nasal talk’ kind of sound and I would sneeze quite a bit. I went to Allergy Alternatives for … Continued

Cats, perfume, cigarette smoke. I have not had any reactions…

Brian Merten – “It’s been a few allergy seasons since being treated for my allergies and I have noticed dramatic improvements. In fact, I have not had any reactions or noticed those awful allergy symptoms to anything for which I have been treated. It’s almost hard to imagine, I can now hug my cats and … Continued

Symptoms of ADD & ADHD gone!

Dwight Worthington – “My son, Dwight, began coming to Allergy Alternatives after I (Dwight’s mom) had spoken with a friend about the work Allergy Alternatives had done with her son and others in our church. The positive changes I observed in those children made me want to try Allergy Alternatives for Dwight. [He] is homeschooled therefore … Continued