Our ACT Practitioners

Anne Turek

Nursing Degree 1981
“I love seeing people get well.”

Christine Pecoraro

“ACT has been life changing!
I fell in love with how easy and effective it is.”

Derenda Jeffery

“I’ve been doing ACT for 5 years. I personally beat lime with ACT.”

Dori Capretti

“I’ve been a student of ACT for 3 full years. I have seen so much amazing healing techniques.”

Valerie Ripperger

She is a Naturopathic Doctor. She is grateful for the healing ACT has brought her mother.

To receive the best health results, always request ACT preferred practitioners.

  • They have 3 years of extensive training from the founder.
  • They know how to get your results as fast as possible.
  • If they hit a tough case, they have access to the founder to solve your problems.
  • Untrained people just don’t get the same excellent health results.
To get your ACT preferred practitioner