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  • Have tried all that “traditional” doctors have to offer.
  • Have tried numerous “natural” cures and treatments.
  • Are to the point where they don’t know where else to turn.

Meanwhile, the suffering and feeling hopeless continues. That is, until they find ACT or are led to us by someone who’s successfully gone through our program, and the results speak for themselves. Within a few training sessions, clients report that despair is morphing into hope as their quality of life improves. Once their symptoms are gone, they graduate from our program. Afterwards, most former clients become evangelists for what we do, proudly sharing their triumphant recoveries with others. Since 1999, we’ve received countless testimonials from former clients who continue to enjoy vibrant health years after graduating. We hope the testimonials below lift your spirits and reassures you that healing from chronic illness is possible.



Allergies & Menopause – Nurse Practitioner Sharon Garber came to ACT in 2004 after antihistamines and shots failed to help her allergies. Within a few short months of ACT, she became allergy-free!

“It’s wonderful. It’s easy. There’s no medication involved and I highly recommend it. Again, I believe so much in it that I’ve recommended it to family members and I’ve recommended it to my own patients.”

Anxiety & Panic Attacks – Lori Grover tells her story of how she successfully healed a severe case of anxiety and panic attacks with our training course.

Nurse Beats Lyme Disease – Registered nurse Roxanne Cahill discusses how she overcame a myriad of Lyme-related symptoms and beat the disease!


Child Overcomes Lyme Disease – Roxana Herzog recalls how her then-4-year-old son successfully beat Lyme disease with ACT and nearly 6 years later continues to thrive and live symptom-free.

Chronic Lyme Disease – Watch as two former clients recall their victorious recoveries from Lyme after using our training program.

Multiple Sclerosis – Watch as Carey Jeffrey tells of her remarkable recovery from being bedridden for 18 months with Multiple Sclerosis. In just 17 weeks of Advanced Cell Training, all of her symptoms were gone!


Joint Pain & Brain Fog – Angela speaks to Gary about how debilitating brain fog, joint pain, memory loss, and exhaustion caused by Lyme are behind her and she’s now able to enjoy her life again.

Extreme Exhaustion & 35-Year-Case of Lyme – Before, total exhaustion took over  Laura Lillicotch’s life. She would need a nap to recover from taking a morning shower! Today, after 9 short months, she’s got energy and her life back!



Lyme Disease – Nicole is a single mother whose life was devastated by Lyme. She wanted to be there for her child, but with the loss of her husband and dealing with Lyme disease, she thought about ending her life. Today, she is loving and taking care of her child, and even getting her bachelor’s degree!


Depression – 27-year-old Alisse Cox was withdrawn, depressed, and self-critical. Now, her life is transformed!


Exhaustion & Balance Issues – Despite having symptoms for many years, Tammy couldn’t get a diagnosis. She suffered from exhaustion, loss of balance, inability to raise her arms, and she’d spend hours in bed recovering from exertion after taking a shower. A lack of diagnosis didn’t matter. Once she trained her body, her strength and passion for life returned. She doesn’t care about a diagnosis anymore; she cares about living her life.



Family with Lyme Disease – Three out of four Hale family members tested positive for Lyme and all of them healed with the help of ACT.




Fibromyalgia – Lu traveled all over the country and saw close to 100 doctors before finding the Advanced Cell Training program. Listen as she tells her compelling story of how she recovered from the pain and suffering of Fibromyalgia.


Lyme Disease – An engineer who beat Lyme has an unusual explanation for the question, “How Does ACT Work?” Alan Hale suffered from Lyme for years. At the time of filming, he was out of Lyme classes for a year. His answer, from an engineering standpoint, may surprise you.


A 14-year Lyme battle is reversing – This lovely 27-year-old woman has been ill with Lyme Disease for 14 years. She degenerated to 100 pounds, was often bedridden, or in her wheelchair. Today, she is back to working almost full time and no longer needs a wheelchair.


Arthritis – Dan’s crippling arthritis pain used to stop him in his tracks. Now, he’s back to hiking!


Anxiety – Stored negative emotions will remain until they are processed out of the body. ACT can help you identify negative emotions, so they can be removed. Here’s proof that regardless of what you’ve been through, you can regain peace in your life.


Lyme Disease – Jane Barrows is the founder of Newport Rhode Island Lyme Support Group. Listen as she tells how she recovered from Lyme Disease using the Advanced Cell Training program.






“It would only make sense that the cure for Lyme Disease is as crazy as the disease itself. I’ve tried so many medical and alternative modalities over the years, to no avail. Antibiotics destroyed my body, but not the Lyme. Advanced Cell Training (ACT) is bringing me back. ACT has helped me heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve suspected that many of my chronic issues were related, though curable. Thanks to ACT, I am recovering from Lyme Disease, arthritis, endometriosis, hypothyroidism, adrenal failure, chronic widespread pain and muscular tension, leaky gut and food intolerances, brain fog, and mood disorders. If you’re ready to step outside the box to restore your health (and I mean WAY outside the box), then this could be your answer.

Gary Blier has restored my hope, unlike any other doctor or practitioner that I’ve seen. He just gets it and he doesn’t give up on you. I’m so grateful to him, his team and this miraculous approach to healing that is saving my whole family (including our 3-year-old daughter) from this despicable disease. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Erika Turner


“Six years ago today I was diagnosed with colon cancer, had five minor strokes, then diagnosed with Lyme Disease and multiple co-infections and the start of blood cancer. Today I am cancer free, Lyme symptoms are 99% gone, and no residual stroke effects. ACT gave me back a life better than before.” –Melanie Barton Bragg


“ACT is changing the lives of my whole family. My kids and I have had a long history of Lyme Disease and co-infections. I’ve been VERY sick since 2007. After 6 weeks of ACT, my body started passing parasites (worms) that I’ve had since 2003 from foreign travel. The Lyme symptoms improved dramatically, which was my first real indication that Lyme isn’t only a bacterial/viral issue and that parasites are a major source of symptoms and cause of immune suppression. Now, my body feels better than it has in over 8 years and it’s still improving daily as I shed all my old “friends” and allow my immune system to function the way God intended. I’m getting my life back, working again, and I’m only part way through this program. More importantly, I’m healing in my heart and soul which is allowing my body to no longer be a host to these lower organisms. Thank you Gary, for helping my body heal through “backdoor” methods that create whole mind-body-spirit health. I’m looking forward to having my yearly family picture of us in the ACT green t-shirts!’” Cathleen Baxter


“Today is the 1-year mark since starting ACT. I have learned so much and have had great successes! I’m not sure when I will graduate from ACT, but the key is that I WILL graduate and with flying colors! Curing a chronic disease and other things found along the way is more than a full-time job! There is not one day of the week when my body is not healing itself. ACT is easy to do itself and not that time consuming, but the body always has lots of work to do! I don’t know where I would be today without ACT! I love the process and Gary Blier, and staff are awesome. They are kind and supportive and frankly, I always look forward to our teleconference class every week! Please consider ACT if you or someone you know has an autoimmune disease, Lyme Disease, Arthritis, Allergies, Depression, etc.  It’s easy, done right from home, enjoyable, it’s only $55 per session… And IT WORKS!” – Sophie Emilita


“Last fall I tested positive for chronic Lyme and Rheumatoid Arthritis (probably have had for six years). Deciding against conventional treatments, I instead chose ACT, diet, exercise, chiropractic and a positive attitude. I have been participating in ACT for about three months, and the results have been REMARKABLE! I am 80% better – in fact, if it weren’t for the lingering insomnia and some initial stiffness upon waking I would say I am almost 100% improved. Anyone seeing me would never suspect anything is wrong. This is a drastic contrast to the months preceding ACT when almost all my joints were stiff, weak and painful and I had increasing difficulty with mobility. At that time, my MD cautioned if I did nothing I would be in a wheelchair.

Three months later, I am absolutely thrilled with my results with ACT. I have regained my health and returned to an active life.”  – Pamela Pendlebury


“Two years ago (pre-diagnosis) I was told I could not have kids. 1.5 years ago I needed a cane to walk. I’ll be 36 on August 9th and have been given the keys to my life back after 20+ years dealing with Lyme Disease. Instead of collapsing on the couch in complete exhaustion after a long week, l spend the weekends hiking, biking and (I’m 100% serious) thanking God we found Advanced Cell Training (ACT). I just have to smile and of course tears hit (the good ones). I can work, provide for my family and I am no longer trapped in my on skin. Pure awesome. Thank you, Gary and the ACT crew!” – Alyssa & Tucker Burke


“I was so sick with Chronic Lyme Disease and eager to get better; I did not know what treatment to start next. I was really scared to spend a lot of money and time on another treatment just to relapse soon after. One day I was cleaning my apartment and found a sealed envelope over a year old that said, “Advanced Cell Training: Your body can heal itself.” I thought it was just another scam and remember ordering that information back when I first got sick, but never opened it. This time, I decided to give it a try. I called them and asked to sign up. I was told the new Lyme class starts in 5 minutes! And if I miss the first class, I would have to wait another 6 weeks for the next one. First, they hesitated to out me in a class without completing my paperwork, but they decided to let me in. It was meant to be!

The whole healing process with ACT was very interesting. First off, you have a chart of your “Top 10” worst symptoms, and every single week you rate them on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the worst. Sure enough, I start noticing a difference in my symptoms – they all went down. And I know it was not a placebo effect, because we had over 40 people in my class, and about 90% of them reported improvements every weekly session! I had no idea how this process worked, but all I knew was it was working for me! 9 months later I was 85% recovered – 12 months later I became Lyme-FREE!” – Katrina Starzhynskaya

Lyme Disease for 14 Years

“I was sick on and off for 14 years prior to discovering Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training]. During that time, I visited every kind of doctor known to man, but nobody knew what was wrong with me. Periodically, I would be given antibiotics. My symptoms would improve, but I’d always eventually relapse. With every relapse, the symptoms would get worse. Finally, one physician diagnosed me and put me on IV and oral antibiotics for a year. When I finished the antibiotics, I was a wreck, fearing yet another relapse. Sure enough, one month later, I came back, but now 10 times worse than before. I was devastated when my doctor said, “I don’t know what to do for you anymore.” It was a very difficult day.

I went to the health food store, determined to do anything and everything to beat the disease. While there, a girl showed me the Allergy Alternatives’ health digest and said to me (regarding Immune Response Training™), “This works.” I didn’t know what to think; I was skeptical, but as I looked through the digest, I realized I knew two of the people in there who had provided testimonials! When I confronted one of them, he said to me, matter-of-factly, “Yes, this works.” So, I figured I had nothing to lose.

My results with Allergy Alternatives were nothing short of amazing. I took the training classes seriously; I did the codes faithfully and had instant results. After the first week, I noticed a dramatic change and, after 16 sessions, I was totally, 100% Lyme-free! After 14 years of illness, I was healed. I had all the symptoms of chronic Lyme disease: joint pain, enormous fatigue that caused me to be short of breath whenever I’d climb stairs, brain fog that prohibited me from thinking clearly and performing simple tasks, as well as other symptoms.

For those considering Allergy Alternatives, I would say you have nothing to lose by trying this and everything to gain. I’m a nurse and I would never recommend anything to anyone if it didn’t work. To advocate a therapy that doesn’t work would be the most cruel thing to do to a person suffering from Illness. But because it works I say, do it! You’d be foolish not to try it.”

— Debbie Samaras; Narragansett, RI

Stomach Ulcer and Heart Palpitations

“Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training] is truly the most incredible thing I have ever experienced! I never in a million years would have believed that something so simple could be so effective.

In the short time that I have been going to Allergy Alternatives, I have been completely cured of a severe allergic reaction to carrots. For these treatments, one bite would cause my throat itch and swell, and I would get welts all over the inside of my mouth. Now I am able to eat without even the slightest reaction…truly incredible!

I have been cured of a stomach ulcer, as well as frequent heart palpitations, both of which had been causing a great deal of distress in my life. Now they are completely a thing of the past.

I wish that everyone could experience first-hand these non-invasive, totally harmless treatments. They really work! Allergy Alternatives is giving me my life back!”

— Pam Robins; East Greenwich, RI

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

My son has suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from age 12-20. We were desperate to relieve our boy’s suffering so we tried everything we could find: Counseling, Psychiatry, Prescription drugs, Lyme treatment for Lyme onset OCD, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neurofeedback Brain Training, and more things that I’ve forgotten over the years because they did not work. The only thing that has healed him is Advanced Cell Training. Some of the other things started to work, but the OCD only transferred to another area of his life. (Someone once said that having an anxiety disorder is like going down the freeway at 100mph with no brakes. Taking medication makes it so that you are still going down the freeway at 100mph with no brakes– you just don’t care.) I didn’t want that for him. I didn’t want him drugged for life and not healed. So I took a chance and tried one more thing, THIS thing. It works. I can’t tell you how, but it does. I am getting my boy back after all these years. He is beginning to get the freedom I’ve wanted for him and stepping into life with his new self. I am forever thankful for Gary and the ACT team.

Missy ShafferQuébec, Canada

 Multiple Sclerosis

“In August of 1997, I had a multiple sclerosis attack. Afterwards, I felt like a wet dish cloth. I had no energy and would have to spend entire days in bed because I felt so weak. My feet felt so heavy, as if I had cement shoes on, and I went numb on my right side. It’s difficult for me to remember all of my symptoms now, because I haven’t had them in so long!

I tried all of the drug treatments that were recommended by doctors, but I couldn’t tolerate them. Then, my husband and I moved to East Greenwich, and we had some friends there who were going to Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training] and having great results; so my husband encouraged me to try it.

After the first treatment, I felt different right away. After roughly 17 treatments, all symptoms stopped. I now have absolutely no symptoms. I went to my neurologist, and he didn’t find any symptoms of MS either.”

— Carey Jeffrey; East Greenwich, RI

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Lyme

“ I was exhausted. My short-term memory and concentration were greatly impaired. I experienced relentless muscle pain and stiffness. I was twitching and stumbling when I walked. I had severe shortness of breath. I gave up exercising and doing many things that I loved. Later, I had the tender points of fibromyalgia. I became depressed and thought I would probably be bed-bound for the rest of my life.

My rheumatologist helped to a degree, but this was something I would have to “live with.” In the summer of 2000, I contracted Lyme disease for the third time. In spite of all the antibiotic protocols, my symptoms continued. Because my neurologist and rheumatologist had no answers, I went to the Lahey Clinic – all to no avail.

I started going to Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training]. After only three treatments, I can actually walk around and jog slightly without any muscle pain.
I had finally got my life back. I can no longer say that I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I no longer suffer the symptoms of Lyme Disease. By memory and concentration work well. I now exercise regularly and my muscles feel great! It is hard to believe but I am no longer in the prison of a “broken body.” Thank God!”

— Jeannette Crowley; Wakefield, RI

Acute Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

“My doctor explained that my myelin sheath was deteriorating. As a result, I look like a multiple sclerosis patient. My hands and arms shake uncontrollably. I could not feel my feet or my fingers. I had a very hard time walking and I had used the cane for over a year. I had to pull my legs up one at a time to go up stairs. The doctor’s remedies brought me minimal Improvement. I’d say 15%, if anything.

Now at Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training], I’m getting exponentially better. My hands and arms are very stable (90% improved). The feeling is returning in my hands (80% better) and my feet as well (30% better). I can walk up stairs now without a problem. I’m still improving and I am thankful for the results I’ve seen and I hope I now have.”

— Ross Cottrell; Tiverton, RI

Lyme Disease & Body Pains

After over 10 years of mysterious illness and no answers from Medical Doctors I met a fellow patient at a Clinic in Idaho where I was being treated for Lyme Disease. He mentioned ACT and Gary’s methods and how “you read these codes and listen to music and you start to heal immediately”. Now there is a lot more to it than a one-liner, but once you experience the magic of ACT you will be forever a believer in how Stress and Emotions are a bigger part of our health than what Modern Western Civilizations believe they are. I joined a Lyme class and participated for just about One Year, each week my health improved and I gained a piece of my life back. I had so many symptoms that I could not even write them all down on one piece of paper, now I have the same issues most people do…a soar muscle here and there or a cold once a year, maybe a flu and my body takes care of it. So if you are frustrated with Doctors telling you that you are AUTOIMMUNE or have normal blood tests despite your feelings of dying, ACT is worth your time and effort to heal yourself and find your way back to health. Gary has helped my entire family with a laundry list of issues, he has the energy that every health professional wishes they had so they can help their patients.

— Beau Brinkerhoff; Washington 

 Earaches & Chronic Sore Throats

“I was the textbook case of the child who suffered from chronic strep throat throughout all of my childhood and Adolescence. Even through college, I was always sick and fatigued. Finally, as an adult, I had my tonsils removed. Shortly after, I started to notice pain in my ears and neck, and began stumbling and falling between two and four times a month! I went to various specialists and a neurologist. None of these doctors could figure out why I was falling. Beyond that, I was still continually fatigued.

After just one visit at Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training], the diagnoses we’re obvious. The virus that had caused my inflamed tonsils had migrated elsewhere when the “home” of my tonsils was removed! A pathogen my body was not fighting off simply changed its residence. Hence, the new pain in my neck and ears and subsequent loss of balance.

In just one session, we trained my body to “see” the virus as an enemy. Amazingly, the pain in my neck and is completely gone. After years of suffering, my fatigue is gone and I finally have a higher energy level. I sleep much better and best of all, no more falling.”

— Shannon-Beth Harrington; Narragansett, RI


“Insomnia, clinical depression, and postpartum depression are their own private hell. I struggled with all of this for 13 years before coming to Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training]. Very often, the dark of night would set off the depression and I would struggle with the process of going to sleep. It was frustrating and discouraging to know that even [during] sleep I couldn’t escape the effects of depression. I would have terrifying dreams and restless nights. Doctors put me on antidepressants and sleeping pills, and I became dependent on them. I was determined to get off the drugs, but found myself wrestling between freedom from the drugs and a good night’s sleep.

After my second session at Allergy Alternatives, I was able to experience life as a natural process! Yes, there are times when I sleep gets disrupted again, but I know It can be addressed naturally at Allergy Alternatives. What a blessing this has been for me.

— Lori Ann Haughton; West Greenwich, RI


“For the past 23 years, I’ve been in counseling with professionals utilizing both chemical and emotional therapies. The services helped me tremendously, but I continue to battle depression despite these interventions.

Since coming to Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training], I’ve come to experience a sense of autonomy, peace, and well-being that I have never felt before. To me, it is a miracle to not be weighed down by depression. Physically, mentally, and spiritually my life has become healthier since coming here.”

— Maggie Olivier; Wakefield, RI


“All of the doctor’s tests could not explain why I wasn’t getting pregnant. We went on to try artificial insemination, which we tried 7 times. We went and did acupuncture, holistic approaches, and saw a naturopathic doctor. Nothing worked. Then we tried in vitro fertilization. Nothing.

A friend of mine, who had tried to conceive for 3 years called, told me she had success after going to Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training]. I called right away because I knew she was doing no other kind of treatment.

I went for a while and they finally said that I was ready and there was no more to do. The focus was to get my body to support the new life properly. Subsequently, we tried it again and this time it took! We had our baby! Everything we tried in conjunction with traditional medicine did not work except what was done at Allergy Alternatives. We are ecstatic!”

— Ronald John Parillo III (and mom); Cumberland, RI

Vertigo & Skin Breakouts

“I used to get vertigo several times a year. I would always get serious vertigo within one day whenever I flew on a plane. Guaranteed. It would last long enough to ruin my vacations. I would dread flying.

Since I have been treated at Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training], I have not had one bout of vertigo. I recently went by plane on a Florida vacation and did not get vertigo during the whole time there. I was able to enjoy the entire time there. This was truly proof for me.

I would also like to mention that since having my children, my facial complexion was very blotchy and broken out (about 9 years). Since coming to Allergy Alternatives, my face has become smooth and blemish-free.”

— Patty Curtis; Wrentham, MA

9 years of Lyme Disease 100% gone

“I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 1993. I started out feeling like I had the flu. Within 2 months, I was experiencing terrible joint pain. It was extremely difficult to get out of bed and my cognitive function was severely affected.

After taking two courses of antibiotics, I saw a Lyme specialist who believed I had a gene linked to arthritis that flared up due to the Lyme. She predicted that, in time, it would get better. At that time, I was living on high doses of Motrin for the pain. Brain fog, stiffness, and fatigue continued to plague me for the next 9 years.

My life became increasingly stressful. To cope with the stress and pain, I was going to bed at 6:30 in the evening, and I still would fall asleep sitting in my chair in the middle of the afternoon.

I first visited Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training] in December of 2003, and found that I responded very quickly to the treatments. Within three months, I was pain-free. Years of arthritic symptoms from Lyme disease are gone. My joint pains and stiffness are gone. My high blood pressure has returned to normal and urinary incontinence is just plain not there anymore. The debilitating fatigue and memory loss is better, as is my ability to concentrate. I can now enjoy simple pleasures like reading and watching TV in the evenings, and bending down to pet my dog. I have my life back.”

— Mary Williams; Groton, CT

Tourette Syndrome

“Ryan, my eight-year-old nephew, was placed into my custody by the State. When he arrived, he had an uncontrollable physical problem. He constantly grunted, snorted, and cleared his throat. He could not even get out one full sentence without rocking and emitting an unsettling sound and prolonged grunt. His pediatrician suspected Tourette syndrome.

I took Ryan to Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training] to alleviate his discomfort and hopefully find some relief for his constant ailment.

After his first visit his symptoms reduced by at least 60%. He was very encouraged and asked to go again for another visit. After 6 sessions, I am thrilled to tell you that all of his symptoms are gone. Family and friends are astounded. Even his State social worker asked for the name of the clinic.

Ryan is absolutely delighted. He has a new found confidence. He wants everyone to go to Allergy alternatives, “so everyone in the whole world can feel better, but most of all my little brother.” I am thankful for this very effective and child-friendly clinic.”

— Ryan L., Age 8; Providence, RI


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