Our Client Allergy Relief Success Stories

Our track record has shown that many clients who come to us with allergies often experience fast relief within only a few sessions of Advanced Cell Training. But don’t just take our word for it. Below are several allergy relief success stories, many of which have been signed before a notary public. These clients, who once dreaded every change of the season or went to great measures to eliminate the grasp allergens had on their lives and health, are speaking freely about their renewed states of health and freedom from allergies with Advanced Cell Training.


“I’m a nurse practitioner. I first came back here in 2004. I was struggling with really bad allergies. I was experiencing swelling in my eyes and was constantly stuffy and uncomfortable. I first came to [ACT] for treatment because I was getting allergy shots and I was on every antihistamine known to man. It would work and then it would stop working. The allergy shots sometimes gave me bad reactions, so I wanted to try something more natural.”

“With the training codes, it took about 3-4 months before I really felt that I was back to my old self, but they did work. In fact, they worked quite well. I did try and maintain a balance in conjunction with the codes.”

“I have called back for tweaks for various issues. I was having menopause issues and feeling horrible with hot flashes and irregular bleeding. In women’s health, we know that’s a normal aspect of menopause, but I didn’t want to do the allopathic treatment, which I know so well because I do prescribe it. The codes were amazing and [they] worked for the menopause symptoms probably within weeks.”

“Advanced Cell Training is wonderful. It’s easy. There’s no medication involved and I highly recommend it. Again, I believe in it so much that I’ve recommended it to family members and to my own patients.”

Sharon Garber

Warwick, Rhode Island , Allergies and Menopause

“Since my college years, I suffered hay fever symptoms from all types of pollens. It was always seasonal and started in the spring. I would get a break during summer, and then it would start again in fall.”

“During the seasons, my eyes would itch, my throat would hurt, I had post nasal drip, and I would sneeze continuously. Sometimes I’d sneeze so violently that I would have to pull my car over to the side of the road.”

“Since coming to Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training], the sneezing has stopped this fall! My first three visits, I was very skeptical. My throat doesn’t hurt, the post nasal drip is gone, and my eyes don’t even itch! It’s so hard to believe because I’ve had problems every fall for over 40 years. It amazes me. It is very hard to believe, but my symptoms are gone!”

“It’s ironic that I was so skeptical in the beginning and now that I tell my friends about it, they think I’m nuts. Maybe I am, but my symptoms are gone and theirs aren’t!”

Paul Lavole

Woonsocket, RI, Hay Fever

“We had heard of many people that have been helped by Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training] and because there was no medication, manipulations, or invasive techniques, how could I not try and see if my own family’s ailments might be helped?

“After taking two courses of antibiotics, I saw a Lyme specialist who believed I had a gene linked to arthritis that flared up due to the Lyme. She predicted that, in time, it would get better. At that time, I was living on high doses of Motrin for the pain. Brain fog, stiffness, and fatigue continued to plague me for the next 9 years.

“My daughter, Kate, had severe springtime allergies, trouble falling asleep, and often got colds and the flu. The allergies are better. She can go outside and actually enjoy springtime now (unlike previous years).

“Also, we no longer have to hide her in the house when the grass is cut. She no longer has trouble going to sleep at night. Now, if a cold or flu comes on, we go right to the clinic and the very next day we see a huge improvement.

“My son, Alex (who was skeptical and did not want to go to this alternative clinic), had major stomach issues. In the past, we tried avoidance diets of many foods, but nothing seemed to work. We finally got him in Allergy Alternatives and he no longer has issues with his stomach.

“If you have any condition you’re tired of living with, I would recommend Allergy Alternatives. They have made a significant difference in my family, and I’m sure they can do the same for you.”

April Williams

Wickford, RI, Springtime allergies and stomach issues

“Cigarette smoke would nail me. Within 20 minutes, I would not be able to keep my eyes open, my nose would itch and tickle, and then close right up. It became difficult to breathe. I’d even be tired and feel sick the next day. Since Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training], it’s different. I still don’t like the smell of cigarette smoke, but none of that other stuff happens anymore. No problems at all. I couldn’t report a problem.

“Some perfumes would give me a headache. It would affect me if someone came into my office heavily perfumed. Now, that doesn’t bother me anymore either. Perfumes no longer affect my well-being.

“Sometimes if I picked up a cat, my nose would tickle and get clogged. Now I can hug my cats without consequence.

“It’s been a few allergy seasons since being treated for my allergies and I have noticed dramatic improvements. In fact, I have not had any reaction to anything for which I have been treated. It’s almost hard to imagine, I can now hug my cats and help my wife with the dusting (ugh) without a single sneeze.

“As you know, prior to treatment I suffered from sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, tiredness, and headaches when I was exposed to things like cats, cigarette smoke, dust, and mold. I have had quite a pleasant and allergy-free summer, thanks to Allergy Alternatives, and I thank you for that. I’m glad my eight-year-old daughter has had her first visit!”

Brian Merton

Exeter, RI, Allergies to cats, perfume, and cigarette smoke

“Our infant son, Samuel, had reactions to pollen, dust, and molds. His symptoms were runny eyes and nose, coughing, ear infection, and wheezing. Our pediatrician said he had asthma. Sam’s happy and energetic personality ceased when he became asthmatic. He became quiet and emotionless.

“Our first attempt to remedy his condition was about avoidance – changing our home to suit his condition. We removed all rugs, exchanged fabric for leather furniture, bleached and sealed our basement, bought special bedding and pillow covers, kept our windows shut from June to October (bought air conditioners), and bought a HEPA air filter which ran continually. Even so, his nebulizer was always handy. This did help his condition, but he and I were housebound. Going outside or to an ‘untreated home’ would bring back all of his symptoms.

“We began daily treatments at Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training] in March of 2000. Now our house is open again, and the HEPA filter only comes out when we cook fish! He plays outside and his eyes and nose are fine, he does not wheeze. His energy and enthusiasm are back and no more asthmatic symptoms! My friends and relatives comment on how well he is doing now. His nebulizer is collecting dust in the closet.

“I was clearly skeptical in the beginning, but I can fully recommend Allergy Alternatives to anyone with allergies, especially small babies for whom we feel so deeply when they are so sick.”

Sammy Capobianco

Wickford, RI, Asthma

“I was the textbook case of the child who suffered from chronic strep throat throughout all of my childhood and adolescence. Even through college, I was always sick and fatigued. Finally as an adult, I had my tonsils removed. Shortly after, I started to notice pain in my ears and neck, and began stumbling and falling between two and four times a month! I went to various specialists and a neurologist. None of these doctors could figure out why I was falling. Beyond that, I was still continually fatigued.

“After just one visit at Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training], the diagnoses were obvious. The virus that had caused my inflamed tonsils had migrated elsewhere when the ‘home’ of my tonsils was removed! A pathogen my body was not fighting off simply changed its residence, hence the new pain in my neck and ears and subsequent loss of balance.

“In just one session, we trained my body to ‘see’ the virus as an enemy. Amazingly, the pain in my neck is completely gone. After years of suffering, my fatigue is gone and I finally have a higher energy level. I sleep much better and best of all, no more falling.”

Shannon-Beth Harrington

Narragansett, RI, Earaches, sore throat, falling

“I am a licensed certified nursing assistant for Hasbro Children’s Hospital. I’ve had many allergies since childhood and have received weekly allergy shots from a medical doctor for about a year. I did not look forward to the shots because of the huge and uncomfortable welt that would form where the needle pierced the skin, and I didn’t notice any change in my symptoms.

“The most irritating problem I’ve had since childhood has been a skin condition that occurred after every bath or shower and, up until recently, was getting worse as I aged. After bathing, my skin would break out in bright red hives and eczema all over my body and face. It would itch terribly and I looked horrible for four hours before it would start to clear up. Because I work third shift at the hospital, I would take my bath early in the morning so no one would see me all broken out.

“Since going to Allergy Alternatives [now known as Advanced Cell Training], I’m almost 100% better. I take showers right before work and my skin is just fine. It’s incredible! Once in a blue moon I will get a reaction, but I think it’s probably from when I change soap or something.

“This has also seemed to help me with my cat allergies. Within five minutes of being in the same room with a cat, my eyes would get itchy. I’d sneeze, my neck and arms would itch, and my asthma would act up. I was with a cat the other day for an entire half-hour and none of that happened! It really is amazing.”

“I cannot thank Gary and his team enough for putting me back into the driver’s seat of my life. When the disease controls you, it is easy to feel helpless. I can say proudly and confidently that I am not helpless; in fact I understand my body better than ever before.”

Nicole Coulter

North Kingstown, RI, Hives, Allergies, Eczema

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