Our upcoming teleconference class begins:

Monday, July 9 at 1:30 PM EDT/10:30 AM PDT 

Once you enroll in the class, we will email you:

  • Health forms that you will fill out online.

  • Training music CDs send via USPS (only if you live in the U.S.) plus a digital version of our music will be emailed to you to listen on a mobile or smart device.

  • Dial-in info for your weekly class call will arrive 1-2 days before your first class.

Reserve your spot in our teleconference class and train your body to heal from pain, chronic illness, and emotional trauma. It doesn’t matter what medical label you’ve been given, your body can heal itself!

Call 401-398-7323 or click “Reserve Now” below to pay the $62 deposit. Class size is limited on purpose for everyone’s best results – claim your spot early!


For details about pricing and our money-back guarantee, please click here.


Heal from the comfort of home – anywhere in the world

To participate in our home-based program, you will need access to a phone or computer to attend your once-weekly teleconference class. International clients often attend calls via Skype to avoid calling fees.

Each weekly class takes a total of about 60-75 minutes. Gary will speak with multiple clients, then his assistant will read training codes to the entire class at the end of the call.

Do you have questions for us? Call 401-398-7323 or schedule a Free Live Q&A Call and we’ll provide an in-depth explanation and answer your questions.

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