If you’re a healthcare practitioner who’s passionate about helping your patients or clients reach their full healing potential, and has experience with muscle testing, then you’re in the right place.  The Advanced Cell Training process has an impressive 20-year track record helping people overcome “incurable diseases” and chronic symptoms with an entirely new approach. Advanced Cell Training (also known as ACT) could be your missing link, especially for more complex health cases.

ACT provides a simple way for your client to unleash the power of a properly performing immune system. Consider the ramifications of symptom and inflammation reduction if your clients’ bodies could initiate behavioral improvements at the cellular level to achieve a properly performing immune system.

A properly performing immune system can:

  • Kill any pathogen
  • Regenerate any damaged tissues
  • Escort any metal, chemical, or biotoxin out of the body
  • Stop any autoimmune behavior
  • Absorb any good nutrient
  • Remove any meridian blockage
  • Remove emotional overages from serious betrayals and losses
  • Work against identified genetic limitations
  • Stop any allergic behaviors

We’ve been approached by several licensed health practitioners who work with chronically ill patients, suffering from Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions, or neurological disorders. They tell us they can help their patients manage symptoms up to a certain point, but often the treatments plateau or the patient relapses. Many of these practitioners are struggling to help these challenging cases, and some often look to us to help with issues that are unresponsive to standard medical treatments.

Healthcare providers whom we work with:

  • Chiropractors
  • Medical doctors
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Registered nurses
  • Holistic dentists
  • Naturopaths
  • Energy healers
  • Life coaches
  • Homeopaths
  • Counselors
  • Licensed massage therapists or bodyworkers
  • Acupuncturists

ACT is a holistic-based approach that teaches the body how to recognize errors it’s making so it can self-correct and produce healthy behaviors. This can reduce symptoms and train the body for optimal health on all levels.

5 Reasons to include ACT In your practice

Train for Health – We are committed to providing you and your patients with the tools and interactive training sessions to teach your body how to properly identify pathogens, process negative emotions of past trauma, and condition your body for peak performance.

Completely Safe – ACT can be done in conjunction with other protocols you might have your patients or clients using without interfering or negating effects. It’s 100% safe, even for sensitive clients, because it uses the body’s ability to self-heal, without the use of pills or machines.

Transformative Results – This is a results-driven program. We focus on how symptoms change after doing each training session. Each week, clients are asked to send us a progress report stating what changes occurred and how they reacted after attending class and reading our training codes. Clients attend class once per week by phone or Skype from virtually anywhere in the world.

Resolve Emotional Stress – We go way beyond the physical symptoms and address the emotional or spiritual aspects of disease processes. During the last 20 years, we’ve learned that most chronic conditions involve unprocessed stress, emotional toxins, or traumatic memories that are being stored in the body’s tissues causing inflammation and immunosuppression. Uncovering these hidden issues takes the stress off the body and allows for healing to take place.

Community Support – Your patients or clients will become part of our supportive community. Our close-knit team is dedicated to making sure each client’s needs are met and they have the tools to reach their health goals from start to finish. Another highlight is that clients often bond with others in their training classes, which provides a sense of camaraderie and can help them feel less alone as they heal.

To learn if your patients could benefit from our unconventional healing method, contact us at 401-398-7323 or to arrange a time to speak with ACT’s founder, Gary Blier, and discuss the process and potential for incorporating ACT into your practice.

Download our informational flyer to share with your patients/clients.

Hear what medical providers have to say about us

Nurse Practitioner Sharon Garber came to ACT in 2004 with severe allergies after antihistamines and shots failed to help her allergies. Within a few short months of ACT, she became allergy-free!

“It’s wonderful. It’s easy. There’s no medication involved and I highly recommend it. Again, I believe so much in it that I’ve recommended it to family members and I’ve recommended it to my own patients.” – Sharon Garber

“Six years ago today I was diagnosed with colon cancer, had five minor strokes, then diagnosed with Lyme Disease and multiple co-infections and the start of blood cancer. Today I am cancer free, Lyme symptoms are 99% gone, and no residual stroke effects. ACT gave me back a life better than before.” – Dr. Melanie Barton Bragg (The Dr. Melanie Show)

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