Train Your Body to Heal Allergies

The body craves its rightful state of homeostasis and balance, wherein the body experiences optimal health rather than symptoms. It’s only when the immune system gets off track that it perceives an innocuous substance as a threat. Who could fault it? Afterall, the immune system is only doing its job.

Our job at ACT is to help you train your immune system to better identify threats and foreign invaders, and make corrections when the body is overreacting to the allergen.

Using our proprietary training code method, your body will have a “faceprint” on every single allergen that causes your symptoms and will signal the immune system to stand down when it’s not in harm’s way. This prevents an unnecessary inflammatory response from occurring.

The objective is simply to normalize the body’s behavior and teach it to not overreact or underreact to allergens it may encounter.

After the body is trained using this method, you should find that you’re able to mow the grass, clean dust bunnies from your home, eat once-symptom-inducing foods to your heart’s content, bury your face in a dander-laden pet, or step outside on a lovely Spring day and not worry about an impending allergy attack. The point here is, the allergen threat is effectively removed so you can enjoy life without allergies.


What to Expect With Our Program

Upon registering for ACT, we will ask you to complete our health forms, which provide us with valuable insight into symptoms you’d like to address, any previous trauma, and your childhood history.

Our once-weekly training program is done from the comfort of your home. You will call us via phone or Skype (if you live outside the U.S.) at the scheduled time for a class call, in which you’ll periodically speak to Gary Blier and listen to training codes being read at the end of the call.

In response to the training codes, your body should initiate corrective behaviors and begin ceasing over-and-under reactions, which the medical community has identified as the major causes of inflammation and symptoms.

During the 24 to 72 hours after completing your weekly training, we ask that you closely monitor how your body responds and email us a progress report to inform us of any reductions in symptoms that occurred from doing the most current training code set. The progress report will also provide us with critical clues to help us determine the upcoming week’s training codes.

We want you to be satisfied with the changes you see in your health as a result of doing our program, which is why we offer a risk-free money back guarantee for the first month you’re in our program. You can get a full refund if you aren’t convinced that we are onto something valuable for your health – we promise, there’s no catch!


A Brief History of ACT

If there’s one health concern we know really well, it’s allergies. You might say it’s the bedrock of our company. When we started out in 1999, we were known as Allergy Alternatives and focused solely on helping clients with allergies. And, we did so with much success. Word quickly spread about our little allergy clinic in Rhode Island and soon people with non-allergy-related conditions began to ask whether our unconventional training method could help them, too.

At the time, we weren’t sure if our method could help more complicated conditions, but we decided there was no harm in trying since this method is completely safe. We applied the same technique and results-based protocol to non-allergy conditions (namely Lyme and autoimmune diseases) and found that clients were experiencing the same results. They were getting their lives back after years or, in some cases, decades.

As our clinic evolved, so did the name of our clinic, which changed to Advanced Cell Training nearly one decade ago. Today, we continue to open our doors to anyone with chronic symptoms who wants to train their body for better health.

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