Valerie Ripperger – Practitioner

Her undergraduate degree is in Social Work and Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa. She has been a Massage Therapist for over 25 years relieving people of physical pain and educating people how to achieve optimum health. She grew up on a farm in southern Iowa where her love for animals has continued within her profession by offering remote Homeopathic remedies, Advanced Cell Training, Removal of Trapped Emotions, Frequency Healing and Cold Laser for Musculoskeletal injuries. 

She began her journey to be a Naturopathic Doctor to support Cancer patients over 25 years ago to fulfill a promise she made to her Grandmother, to help anyone that has Cancer. This began her journey of finding Naturopathic Medicine.  Through her own Cancer journey and her Mother’s she has continued to research and find better supportive modalities for not only herself, her family and her patients that are going through Cancer. 

Her life and practiced changed when Advanced Cell Training found her through a personal prayer.  She was praying to end the suffering her Mother was experiencing or to help her find something to improve her quality of life. Apparently it was the later because here we are today. Her Mother is thriving, much different than 5 months prior. 

Her Mother has; Lung and Breast Cancer, was needing 2 liters of oxygen a day, and SEVERE cognitive decline. Her Mother went from losing the will to live, losing15 lbs., not being able to walk, eat, bathe or even remember where she was or who Dr.Valerie and her Dad were, to being able to perform all of her daily tasks alone, remembering who they are, gaining weight and the desire to eat, 100% off of oxygen, recalling past events in detail, and continuing to live at home with her Dad. 

 This led Dr. Valerie to a Practitioner who did ACT for her mother, who led Dr. Valerie to Gary Blier, who created Advanced Cell Training. Within 7 days, her Mother was already getting stronger, off of oxygen, her vitality had significantly improved and her will to live was inspiring. 5 months later with ACT codes and Naturopathic Medicine her memory and health continues to improve and thrive.  All while being able to stay in her home with her husband. 

Dr. Valerie knew she needed to learn more about ACT and become a Practitioner so she may help other people who felt Allopathic Medicine had failed them. So she has been personally training with Gary Blier of how to help people change their lives with Advanced Cell Training. She has never looked back. 

Dr. Valerie also has her own experience with Naturopathic Medicine, and ACT codes. She personally suffers from Graves Disease, EBV, and Neurological Lyme. She was so ridden with pain for 8 months, she spent most of that time working out of her bed in zero gravity because she couldn’t sit in a chair. When she was originally diagnosed with Graves Disease her heart rate was 120 bpm just by walking up the stairs and her Endocrinologists told her if she didn’t take the medication she prescribed she would die. Well, guess what Dr. Valerie is still here!!

For her pain, she tried massages, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, herbal remedies and nothing seemed to work.  After doing 1 set of codes, within 24 hours her pain was 75% gone. Then by eliminating certain food triggers, she can say she is almost 100% pain free. Now everyone’s story doesn’t look like theirs, but everyone she has worked with has greatly reduced, if not eliminated symptoms Allopathic Doctors were not able to do.

It is Dr. Valerie’s job is to investigate each patient’s story, and discover their unique domino effect that has brought them to a place of ill-health.  She is your private investigator for your health to help your body return to a healthier and happier version of yourself.  

Dr. Valerie doesn’t work with particular conditions. She coincidentally works with patients that have Cancer, Autoimmune Diseases, Lyme, EBV, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Chronic Pain, Cognitive Decline and Gut Issues. However, she focuses on each person as a whole, mind, body, spirit, mental, emotional and physical self by identifying the root cause using a more Holistic Approach. She practices Integrative and Energetic Medicine, Homeopathy and Nutritional Counseling.